Best International School in Kondapur

Best International School in Kondapur& Reasons Why Parents Choose Us

It is always the best feeling to be a parent. This happiness also brings a lot of responsibilities with it of bringing up a child. In the early years of birth of a child, parents take care of the physical growth of the child. In later years, they focus on mental growth and education. The choice of a right school is essential for his or her academic career. 

Parents always look for the best especially when it comes up to the children. A friend of mine living in Hyderabad also got worried when she was looking for a school for her son. I also joined to evaluate the best for her child. We went to World One School for a visit.

To my surprise, the school building is beautifully maintained. The school is listed as the best international schools in Kondapur. We specifically noted down the points Why People choose this school.

Top reasons for choosing the best international school in Kondapur

Clear Vision and Mission

Before choosing any school, it is necessary to check out the vision and mission of that particular school. This school believes in full learning and complete understanding. They focus on unleashing the potentials of the students and take the clear mission of achieving these goals.

Well-maintained Campus

The campus of a school plays a vital role in a student’s life. 24 acres campus has all the facilities for the students to gather the beautiful memories of the schooling. Hi-tech learning centers, activity rooms, smart classes, multiple sports places for different games, a hall for cultural activities, gardens and other facilities are available in the school.

Structured Infrastructure

All the classes are fully air-conditioned with hi-tech smart boards. A big library with a huge amount of knowledge in the form of books, magazines, newspapers, other materials. Different labs with fully furnished.

Standardized Exam Pattern

Like other schools, exams are conducted in a more structured and planned manner. The school goes for various parameters to examine the child’s learning. He is motivated by many activities to perform better and achieve his goals.

Talented and experienced Faculty

It is necessary to know that is going to teach your wards and make them a responsible person after schooling. Experienced teachers not only teach syllabus they also inculcate the values and skills in the children. They are the real role models who shape the child’s career.

Co-curricular Activities

Being the best international School, different co-curricular activities are conducted for the students’ development. They are encouraged to take part in national and international level competitions to gain confidence. This manages their other skills and gives them shine.

Any school that fits well as per your expectations for your child is the best. When you pay a visit to any school, its environment and students behaviors show the efforts of the school management. The achievements and other high lights of school progress also catch the eye to choose it. All these points are stated by the people who have their kids educated from this school. 

Top 5 Advantages of CBSE Syllabus over State Boards

Top 5 Advantages of CBSE Syllabus over State Boards

A child’s education is a critical issue for every parent. When the children grow up parents start worrying that in which school their ward can get a better education. The competition is quite tough and the world is changing with every passing second. As we all know, the biggest confusion of parents is to select the school board? Should they go for the state board or central board for better opportunities for their kids?

As already stated, it is a big confusion. So, if you are also facing the same confusing situation of opting the best board for your kid, you have reached the right place. To help you in making the decision, few advantages of choosing the Central Board of Secondary Education are listed here.

Advantages of CBSE over other State Boards

CBSE from its acronym depicts its full meaning that it is the national board of the country. The teams of CBSE consider the common requirement of students all over the country. It takes care of all the nationalized competitive examinations to make the career of a child. It is beneficial for those students who have a dream to pursue higher education in any recognized and nationalized institutions anywhere in the country.

We have listed some advantages of choosing CBSE schools. Let us give a glance:

CBSE Curriculum designing

The curriculum is an important base for providing education in any school. CBSE schools are strictly instructed to follow CBSE curriculum. The most interesting thing about the curriculum is its structure and designed by keepingthe child as a centric part. It has interactive activities and other necessary material for students to learn in a joyful way. Hands-on learning technique focuses on the efficient learning of a child.

CBSE examination structure:

CBSE always take initiative to conduct conducive exams to give a positive environment to the students. They literally work on the patterns to avoid mugging up of things by students during the exams for passing. Blueprint of paper setting helps to understand how many students actually learnt.

CBSE Syllabus is Same for All

CBSE schools have a common syllabus which is an added advantage for students those have to shift from one place to another. The reason can be parents posting or transferred from one part of the country to another. Students do not require facing challenges of accepting things which they had not done earlier.

Focus on BothPhysical and Mental Growth

CBSE syllabus is designed by keeping in mind that physical and mental growth are equally and simultaneously important. For such things, the syllabus has been structured involving the sports as a major part of the curriculum. The board also organizes various national level tournaments for students to promote sports and develop their career in a particular game of their choice.

Provides Flexibility

CBSE pattern allows the students to choose their own stream as per their area of interest. Students have full flexibility to pick any stream and combination. For example, commerce students can also opt Political science in grade XII along with commerce subjects. Vocational courses offered to students help them to lead the world by scoring high marks in their interested subjects.

Many more advantages can be discussed because this is anever-ending debate that which board is the best for students. It is completely your call to decide based on your aspirations and further plannings

Rang De Basanti Celebrations

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what can you do for your country.”

The students of world one has put up an exemplary show on 26 January, taking pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of freedom and unity. To mark the importance of the day a grand celebration was held in the 24 Acre green campus at kondapur. The flag was hoisted by our beloved Vice Chairperson, Madam Rani Rudrama Devi, who inspired the audience with an enlightening speech quoting popular poets like Shri Shri. Madam highlighted the sacrifices of freedom fighters and martyrs.

Republic day celebrated in the honor of the date when the constitution of India came into effect. It was just day for the country‘s transformation towards becoming independent had began(1950).

Mini Raj path- Students representing states with traditional costumes, marching in lines was the biggest attraction. A proud moment for one and all.   Pre-Primary to Grade-IX enthralled the audience with their performances.

The school echoed with patriotic fervor as students of Cambridge presented role-play on national leaders. An emotional and special tribute to Indian National Army by students of Grade-V, which moved everybody in the audience. Adil Roshan, Aarya Lalwani of Grade-VIII, mesmerized audience with the guitar and drums. The event ended with awarding the achievers in various competitions.

Pongal Celebrations

Pride and Festive cheer marked the World One School. The reception and classrooms were decorated with flowers and thoranam. The day started with beautiful Rangoli competition in which the mothers of our students took active part. Lord Ganesha rangoli was a special attraction. An earthen pot was placed on fire with traditional fanfare. Sweat Pongal was made and distributed among children and parents. Students of Grade-III,IV & V explained the importance of the festival with an amazing dance performance. Haridasu, gobbemmalu, bogipallu, bommalakoluvu are the highlights of the event. The celebration was entirely ethnic. The whole celebration was so enriching for kids. To conclude the event in grand style we had Kai Po Che (Kite making and Kite Flying Competition)  in our huge,  green playground. Vice Principal Jayasree thanked all the parents for taking time and participating. Principal C.B Rao, addressed all the students explained the significance of the festival and how it celebrated in all over India, and wished everyone a very happy pongal.

Transport Day

“Transportation is the centre of the world! It is the glue of our lives. When it goes well, we don’t see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colours our day, makes us feel angry and impotent, curtails our possibilities.”

                                                                                                                  – Robin Chase

To go beyond the text books and to teach children in practical ways and help them to understand better World One School has organized Transport Day event.

It was fun filled informative event for students of Pre-Primary , Grade-I & II CBSE and Grade-I,II & III Cambridge . Teachers have setup common area to exhibit all the projects made by children. This took everyone through different modes of transport where our children had learnt to distinguish between Road Transport, Water Transport, Air Transport. Children performed skits explaining Traffic Rules, Shown Placards describing various safety measures. The best part of the whole event  was bicycle riding. They followed Red, Yellow and Green Signals and understood Zebra Crossing. Parents who attended applauded the school for coming up with innovative methods in teaching.